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Even some try everything to let Emads film disappear, 5 Broken Cameras always pops up again. A historic documentary about Zionists terrorism.
When Emad made his film over years which got later by its very special footage quite popular and high attention, he several time got shot by Israeli soldiers preparing the occupation for the Jewish satellite communities in the West Banks on Palestinian territory.

Mostly the bullets hit Emads cameras. 5 cameras got shot.

The film 5 broken cameras is one of the few historic documents about Palestine, showing once those facts which usually get suppressed by Jewish international media Networks, Facts about who the agressors are.

The whole truth is by far a different one about Israels by USA and most powerful jew lobby called AIPAC supported government, which might be some of the most evil on earth. A Zion Israel, trying to get rid of Palestinian population in the West Banks where satellite towns have been built by a flood of Jewish citicens moving back to West Banks.

Floods of Palestinian evicted refugees are living in Lebanon. An evil master plan no one will yell loud around how it works within jewsih media Networks. All what is shown and presented is the sunny side by all sort of American and Jewish style warfare Propaganda tactics.

When asking where Isreael will once find a territory, trying to get rid of Palestinians still living in West Banks and the Gaza jail, the math is obvious and explains a proxy war beyond Israels borders in Syria. Explains a master plan of players recently been rewarded with a Nobel peace price, same players keeping a war alive with supporting eversince weapons into a proxy war region amongst other ones as Turkey having some similar interests with Kurds to get rid of within their nation.

Just one Problem came inbetween called Russia, maybe preventing the master plans of an evil other side are not going to work out.