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Just embarassing for Europe, Qatar and USA when Assad eplains how they all have supported terrorists with weapon deliveries. Amongst all liars he is one of the few saying just the truth!
Some when understanding about will ask themselves, why would USA, France, UK, Qatar and Saudi Arabia Support terrorists in Syria as on a first glimpse there is not much in common with Syria. Another ones might still hesitate to believe USA ever delivered weapons to terrorists in Syria. But they can read now the facts since over a year about how CIA has trained 5000 rebels in Turkey and supported them with tons of weapons over airdrops.

Some will find out about how Erdogan has delivered food and weapons to ISIS in exchange for oil delivered into Turkey. Erdogan was the main supporter of ISIS until beginning of 2017 as IS just did a job whithout letting Turkey have dirty hands. Killing Kurds along the turkish border! Erdogan even bombed his own people in past along the border wheich were fighting against IS. But then something changed we not yet found out about the why and ISIL turned against Turkey by beginning of 2017.

Those not believing about Saudi Arabia and Qatar delivering the grenades to IS can read the Hillary Clinton emails on Wikileaks and will believe in it then maybe. This was the embarassing story in the leaked Podesta mails and the why now Julian Assange of Wikileaks is the most wanted made criminal for USA. They would put him into jail for 45 years if they could get him out of the Eduadorian embassy in London where Assange is now hiding eversince 6 years from all world top criminal governments and an industry which just got out of control.

Maybe once, this planet is changing and starts to Arrest the real criminals instead of people like Assange which are just helping to let the world find out the truth. Likely even American people might have the right to know about what their government is doing. Before Assange US government has been making Ed Snowden the most wanted criminal and the same face making all those saying the truth the most wanted criminals on earth is Barack Obama delivering the grenades to Syria with his assistant Hillary Clinton. For some people this all might sound a bit weird, but our media channels always find a way to swap all those things and make them sound reasonable, right?

Another embarassing story with it all we have seen: Free Syrian Army FSA Terrorist fighters prowdly showing Swiss RUAG made hand grenades on a picture. Well those 200000 grenades have found their way over Emirates eversince 2003 into war zones, but RUAG even now installed a daughter company in Abu Dhabi on territory of Emir Khalifa to deliver the grenades and killer machines in future in a more convenient way. Actually this same company now got very proud with being able to deliver as well high tech mortar systems, which likely find their ways into Yemen. Likely we will find those pictures in 10 years about all those things happening in Yemen by the time. But maybe once we will be able to put alll those criminals in front of Carla del Pontes desk before they die or get retired. It just would be fair!

On another side of Switzelrand is Diehl defense on lake Bodensee in Germany. A partnership company with Raytheon of USA. Germany got a very prsperous business with weapons by the time, not just Diehl. Then you find this ISIS movie on the northern Syrian border where such an ISIS fighter is showing the latest weapon airdrop delivery of USA planes on a YouTube movie and the packages of Diehl Germany are right amongst them. The stories go further and further and will be daily more embarassing for all those European hipocrits liing friendly into a camera face of their manipulated Propaganda media channels. and they all have nothing other to tell, than to blame Russia and Assad for this entire mess. But it will not be possible to hide all those things anymore. This time very likely a couple high heads of those European hipocrits will roll after we found out the rest. We will find all those faces, rolling up what happened in Syria. Russia Today is prowdly delivering us now all those facts as the Russians are sick and tired as well about those jewish and other liar media networks in Europe and USA backing all those criminal polticians and managers of the weapon industries. They all will get an adequate page on the web with a pointer to their homes, once to show the world where the real criminals reside in Europe and USA.

Now this is an assumption, but why is USA even involving itself in such a war on another continent, as they got obvioulsly enough headaches within their own nation with all those drug addicts and a prosperous jail industry where things get out of control? Maybe American people once could need their money somewhere else than delivered into a weapon industry, but by the time this is the most prosperous business within USA. Unfortunately.

You should not forget Syria is just right on the border of Palestine in Israel and once you find out about those now 200 satellite towns the returning zionists have secretly built on foreign territory and you will understand about the urgency to evict another rest of 1 million Palestinian people from Israel. Where in the world could they deliver those people to get rid of them all when not just killing them in a reasonable way? Lebanon is already a full house with Palestine refugees by the time, and best option was just to topple the nation of Assad, right. Replacing Assad with some pupppets from the west and giving those Palestinians another tent city somewhere in the Syrian desert in a friendly way. Once you make the math with the American government with all those silly things they are doing, you find out about AIPAC and how strong and influent on a president election this lobby is. Even Trump needed to lick AIPAC asses to get onto his chair.

Finally everyone on earth will start to recognize about the why Bashar al-Assad now was fighting against proxies from France, UK, USA, even Switzerland, Sweden and many more having interests in delivering grenades to terrorists. It was just convenient, dropping the bombs from planes into all sort of rebel groups and blaming Assad same time for being a dictator. Why would Europe even care about Syria, if there was nothing to gain. Syria had a war since 2011, long time before Europe even started to talk about it all. In Europe they all just started to talk about it when the refugees started to run through the whole thing here. The background players have been involved long time ago in all those things and some will be very astonished when we got the list ready with all those European faces being involved with all. But if you are one of them once want to bring justice to this planet and an end of those wars, you should help to find those crmiinals and bring them to justice instead of letting USA people as Assange arrest from London. Stand up and make your homework and the math finally yourself. We just can show you the way to the door.

The reason why Qatar and Saudi Arabia delivered their grenades and killer Equipment to ISIS is very easy to understand.

USA has brought a couple things out of order in the Arabian world. It was George Bush Jr. those days having the glorious idea to attack Iraq after the Afghanistan nightmare where he obviously fucked up something with the Bin Laden family they have been trading with in past. (construciton, oil). Basicly it was his father as a background player with Carlyle equity Group in Washington. As ancient CIA chief, George Bush Sr. had an open bill with Saddam Hussein fooling around wtih everybody in past. You remember the Scud rockets attacking Israel from Iraq which then have been fired immediately by USA installed Patriot systems those days? But then the Americans made a couple mistakes and tried to replace power from Sunnites and moved it to Shias what finally was inconvenient for Saudis, Qatar and Turks obviously.

They all had just one problem with everything they needed to hide. How could they make it work that Assad never would be able to talk about all those things and the biggest headache of those European and American hipocrits was Russia with Putin stepping in, cleaning the entire mess up and dropping the bombs on USA and European supported terrorist heads in Aleppo, USA to FSA, Qatar Sauds and Turkey to ISIS. There are many more terrorist groups supported by several nations of Europe. Aleppo was empty long time ago, but when media has been reporting about, they just reported abut this part where Assad and Russia has been chasing all those supported terrorists of Europe, Qatar, Sauds, Turkey and USA. It was a United Nations worker not long time ago giving us all a bit informations, remember Canadian Eva Bartlett? As well this interview and speech of her was likely very embarassing for some, as such things have been never really reported about in Europe and Bartlett just vanished from stage. Dont forget, same ones delivering the grenades are paying the tents over United Nations for those struggle then with a blown up life. United Nations has actually not much interest to let a truth get public, as their sponsors paying the chairs where all this useless crowd is furting in are mainly Germany, France, UK and USA of course. Well, this friendly organization now is busy with millions of people living in their tents. Just in Dadaab half a million people profit from such a friendly tent paid by same having brought things in Somalia out of control. But George Bush wanted to take 7 nations in an easy way and now the world will need to life with the consequences done by this criminal government brought nearly an entire planet unstable with help of the always innocent France and the highhanded Brits which are the first once making a long face when a couple refugees arrive. They just made it very easy for themselves with Brexit to bring a solution for their neverending tragedies they have caused around earth during centuries by their neverending European arrogance.

A very embarassing story, even more embarassing when sitting in Switzerland and listening government owned media channels reporting about a obviously criminal Assad with words as Dictator, repeating 5 times a minute the word regime. But when knowing all facts, of course neighter Switzerland nor USA nor Jacob Wallenberg of Sweden being on top of weapon trades and all those other background criminals might have an interest the world once would find out about how this thing in Syria really has been working. Those want to know about once should listen Russian news, as those Russians just in a very funny way disassemble entire Europe and USA with a truth nobody of this decadent society in Europe and USA wants to know about.

Very embarassing what Assad is talking about, but he just is telling the truth even he forgot many things in this interview once again to talk about. Or maybe he just wanted to be friendly? But at least he is one of the few in the world not liing about things, even he forgets to mention certain aspects and sometimes you ask yourself when he is talking about his people you ask: Who is he really talking aobut? Just the little Alawite group? But at least he is by far more credible than anyone of those politicians in Eruope or USA.

It maybe was not enough for USA creating a vaccum in Iraq with removing Saddam and giving the world this Syrian nightmare backed by smart heads of Israels player league. In 2011 they as well had the glorious idea, it was Hillary Clinton those days organizing with NATO allies to bring Gaddafi to fall with following prowd pictures of Hillary going around earth. But even this now is not enough letting Syrian refugees run through Europe and such from Africa drowing in floods in the mediterranean sea, USA is same time when Europe is busy with fixing up all refugee headaches already prepared to bring up the next tragedy in South China sea as we found out. And of course you can imagine what those friendly American faces are talking about when meeting the Sheikhs from Saudi Arabia, which is busy in Yemen. Blowing up people on funerals. The question just is, how many things more around earth those Americans need to destabilize? Well, actually as we found out about, many American people have not much in common with its criminal members of their government and their background players trying to let all those facts disappear by help of corporate weapon industry backed media channels.

By the time, arms business is the most prosperous business around earth with an estimated revenue of 1 Trillion Dollar (1000 Billion) a year. Top player is USA, but even Saab in Sweden and many other European nations found out about, it can be more interesting to produce weapons instead of cars. After Syria, they will need more wars to let money roll. Not just USA, as well many arms manufacturers within Europe, especially Germany, do have a major interest with all this.

Now it is up to everyone himself on this planet if he wants to support this entire mess going on. You still make your holiday in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, deliver your money into hands of those silly Sheikhs, you will be as well responsible for helping with those insanities, so easy to understand. You believe all those propaganda media channels as CNN and the lies of silly German news channels owned by Bertelsmann and Pro7Sat1 media, how will it be possible to get you smart? Or maybe you, yourself start to get smart about and stop to support all those crmininal players delivering weapons, creating one after another war on this planet and washing your brain by a liar media network. If you want to know something about USA, you need to listen Russian news. If you want to know about what Russia fucked up, you need to listen US channels. And if you want to know about what Qatar fucked up, will you listen and believe in Al Jazeera then which is owned by al-Thani family. Same ones delivering the grenades to ISIS? So get smart people around earth and at least try to help such as Assange of Wikileaks not to get arrested by USA. It is just the basic a honest and decent person will do, right? Or you proceed and listen this worldspanning CNN liar channel having same ones on Time Warner board which are sitting on the boards of the weapon industry. Do the homework yourself and get smart!

Now listen you, people of NATO.

You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and in the way of Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You‘re breaking it. You’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now.”

--Muammar Gaddafi. NATO Invasion. October 20. 2011

ALI, Zürich
January 2017