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It is your single Dollar going into wrong hands which decides about where this planet goes.
About one wisdem we yet found out about. Someone getting successful is same time getting arrogant. And it will not last long until he made a whole crowd of people angry around him. You call it a mania, egomania or narzissism.

Those once experienced such manias will know another thing as well. You can not stop those being caught in a mania, all you can do is letting them go and to hope they cause not too much damage in other peoples lifes.

When actually watching things on this planet you get the impression everything got out of control. It is this unlimited arrogance of big wealthy people and companies. They can not even see anymore how much damage around this planet they have caused. How many social ecosystems they have destroyed. And you can imagine someone in Africa getting grabbed his land bu one of those European, American or Chinese mania players, he will not have an understanding about why it was once again important to festroy a million peoples lifes with police forced evictions just for shareholder happyness of Wall Street, London or Geneva.

We are ina time where companies, insurances and bank are grabbing millions of properties. After they grabbed all land, they are starting to squeeze prices up to optimize profits. It is whole insanity around this planet and finally as you see we just got very few winners with all. Such people everyone is prowd about. Those success stories.

But running an IT portal yourself you will get a feeling what is really going on. And the truth is, most average people around the planet are very tired from working their asses off for noyhing and listenong success stories of Billionaires same time. And when they find out about how they got betrayed in any smart ways there will a wave of disappointment be coming which will bring the biggest and most arrogant company, narzissistic person and anything else what was not to stop yet....down to fall.

If it is a Nestle giant dtying people around the planet out and selling them San Pellegrino botyles from an ancient free source they tapped. Or if it is Apple which has been swimming in money but never thinking about their child slaves working in coltan mines. Or if it is Credit Suisse bank grabbing 200000 properties in Switzerland and letting a million people find out they will never have a chance again to own a lityle home.

People are tired. They are tired getting manipulated day in day out, advertised to death by TV stations. Tired about internet where most sites once again just are a bullshit full of advertisement. Tired about being a milky cow and just a human life as a playground for the rich giants.

But they will not forget about those causing this actual cayastrophy around the planet and we got IT toys online to make sure we find those people causing this whole insanity. And we finally will have few understanding about things like Northrop Grumman jerks instigating any wars for profit and shareholder reasons.

Likely how most people will feel now. Being speechless about this unlimited arrogance of those players we once supported with our money. If it was our banks speculating with our homes or whatever else. They all will fall the more people find out about how it worked and once then we will find out about there will be a need of chance as we ourselves are supporting systems which actually burn down a whole planet as you have seen in 2015 Indonesia for profit an biofuel mania of Europe.

Once as an example the chinese, you recognise they are just babies as all those rich companies and new wealty people. They do not even recognise how much damsge they cause with their newly gained power and money. When living in Switzerland or wherever you find out, those ones being on the triggers are often influenced by drugs called Cocaine. If it is bankers, piliticians or business people. And that gives you a hint about how it all happened as this drug is famous to create selfishness and arrogance.

If you are one of those 90% feeling handcuffed in your modern slavery environment you will once find out...You should not support the insurance company grabbing your home with your money. You should not give your money to the bank causing catastrophies around the planet, you shoyld not buy products from a company drying you out as Nestle and you should not support the politician which is paid by the pharma or wrapon industry. And you should not watch and get advertised and braineashed on Jewish single sided propaganda media channels which play football with your life. In times money is rolling, humans just start to make mistakes, destroying other peoples lifes and finally their own.