• For faster surfing, you can login on the machine level of robots. On this level, many features are switched off, but pages generate ways faster than with the functionality of the visitor level. (username: robot - password: robot4fun ). When you logout, you will get back to the visitor level.
  • For beta functionality, you can login on the funmember level, what shows you more features. Use one of the funmembers as jerk, ghost, phantom, whistleblower etc. The password is same the name and 4fun on the end ( username: jerk - password: jerk4fun ). As well when loggin out, you will get back to level 99 of visitors.
  • It is Wozzally beta state. You are just able to register an account with a personal invite by another author or one of the administrators
  • Registered members start to on the level 96 where you by the time as well will have confidential information. The only way to get a visitor account by the time is by invite of another member, one of the administrators or system administrators. Such thinking they need a member account can contact as well myself. Ali. Skype: wozzally . But we by the time will not give out access to confidential information to everybody and you will need a special reason for it to be in our little club.
  • From level 96 you will see new features as real estate, chat portals etc. By now this level is just for a very close group of members. After beta state we will open this mechanism for average authors.
  • As you see most content is open for public view and edit anyway.
  • You can login as one of the funmembers boss, phantom, jerk, ghostwriter, whistleblower with password same the member name and 4fun. Example user: jerk, password: jerk4fun.
  • As funmember you got more privileges and will see more things from the database.
  • Any Question ?
  • send a mail to Ali: ali@wozzally.com
  • contact Ali on skype: wozzally (just chat, no calls)