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Cambodia Macaque Monkey

Macaques are widespread on Cambodia. You often find them around temples. Sihanoukville has the biggest population at it's huge jungle around the Independence hotel, where the monkeys are usually sitting daytime on the fence by the street waiting for bananas and other foods. Night time they move to the street inside the hotel where it's hard not to hit those funny guys.

Cambodia Macaque Monkey - Warning: Do not touch....

Don't touch. Almost all of them are carrier of the Herpes B virus which affects the nervous system and is fatal for human. Scratches and bytes have to be cleaned immediately!

Cambodia Macaque Monkey - Info

  • Most widespreaded primates
  • Almost all Macaques are carrier of the Herpes B Virus which does not affect the monkey but is fatal for human.

Cambodia Macaque Monkey - Herpes B Info

  • Nearly all (73-100%) macaques are carriers of the fatal herpes B virus.
  • Herpes B causes severe central nervous system disease with a case fatality rate of 80%.
  • Bites, scratches and exposures to mucous membranes, including the eye, must be cleaned immediately.
  • Prompt treatment is essential to prevent permanent neurological impairment.
  • Don't touch anything what a Macaque could have touched before.
  • Transmission to humans occurs by exposure to contaminated monkey saliva, secretions, or tissues.
  • The most likely routes of transmission are bites and scratches or splashes.

Cambodia Macaque Monkey - Places

  • Sihanoukville - Independence hotel ( on the street in front of the hotel ). Around 50.
  • Sihanoukville - Wat Loo ( on the hill near Pagoda Rocks hotel ). Around 20.
  • Phnom Penh - Wat Phnom

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