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Kep Cambodia

Kep is a 20 minutes ride away from the next bigger city, Kampot. It is laidback and famous for it's beautiful hilly landscape, old colonial villas and the countries best crabs.

Kep Cambodia - History

Kep was Cambodias prime beach holiday destination for the rich before the war in the 60s. Most destroyed houses have been rebuild and it's now on the way to get was it was before.

Kep Cambodia - Accommodation

Plenty of guesthouses and bungalow resorts have been built within the last 3 years. Kep has a big choice of charming accommodation now. Some of the guesthouses are located on the hill, from where visitors can enjoy a great view over the sea and up to the islands.

Kep Cambodia - Resturants

Kep has a couple nice restaurants with bar right on the beachfront.Most guesthouses, restaurants and bars are run by swiss and french owners. It is still a laidback place and for people enjoying nature and silence. But sometimes parties in smaller round are coming up where everybody meets and everyone is welcome.

Kep Cambodia - Nightlife

Nightlife is poor in Kep. Most people coming here are rich Khmers from Phnom Penh during weekends and westerners which are more in the eco interest than in having party's all nights. Places to go are 2 bars at the crabmarket. Advantage of it is that anyone is going out at nights is meeting at the same place, so you will soon know who is the who in town.

Kep Cambodia - Transport

You can rent motobykes in Kep from the hotels and guesthouses and usually there is not yet police bothering you on streets. The big bus companies are not yet going to Kep and bring their travelers just to Kampot, from where other smaller vehicles make further transportation to Kep. It's easy to get to Kep by just a Tuk Tuk, but as well Taxis are waiting for travellers in Kampot. A Tuki ride to Kep takes around 30 minutes andd costs around 10 dollars. A bit more complicated it is when being in Kep looking for a Taxi. They are usually not there and will come from Kampot, so it's as well a Tuki ride. Just get the hotel one organized for you or get one yourself at the crabmarket.

Kep Cambodia - Nature

Kep has some of the nicest nature all around the country and you won't get enough of it for ages. You easy can get around daily for hours on your little rental motobyke. It's a 30 minutes ride to the pepper farm. Another nice trip is this to the caverns which takes a bit longer and as well getting to the Vietnam border takes ages even it seems to be a short distance, but it's all a nice ride. A couple years ago the hotel owners organized a path leading around the top of the hill. The whole thing goes up at Veranda and you feel like in the mountains in Europe when being on top.

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