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Cambodia Islands

Cambodia has plenty of islands in front of Sihanoukville's, Kep's and Koh Kongs coast, but just a few of them have basic development.

Cambodia Islands - Development

Most of the islands are still untouched what will change soon, because almost everyone is sold to investors and it is a matter of time until big style development will begin. On 2 islands 5 star development started already. Plans for an airport and maldive style waterbungalows on Koh Rong are done. By the time, most development on the islands is basic.

Cambodia Islands - Diving

Diver, transfer and daytrip boats are going out to some of the islands. Water visibility in front of the coast and the inner islands is mostly 3-10m. To have pristine claar water with better visibility, it it needs a ride to the far outer islands Koh Tang and Prins.

Diving on the inner islands meeans mostly 5-15m visibility, what depends on wind, waves and currents. The water depth is mostly not more than 20m what whirls up the particles.

Diver boats from "The Diveshop" and tourboats as Suntours offer trips to Koh Tang, Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samlon. Sailcambodia visits Pagoda island. Several longtailboattrips make daily smaller islandtrips between Otres beach and Bamboo island. Longtailboats in Kep are available to Rabbit island. The Sihanoukville - Koh Kong ferry makes a stopover at smuggler island Koh S'Dach

Cambodia Islands - Hobie Cats

Hobbycats are available at Sihanoukville's Otres beach to make an island turnaround to the 2 smaller islands in front of Otres beach within 1-2 hrs. Suntours 4 storey Yacht makes daily trips in highseason with up to 60 people to Koh Rong Samlon. Most bigger boats to the islands start at Sihanoukville's Victory beach pier, smaller ones as longtails are available at Occheuteal and Otres beach.

Cambodia Islands - Phone

Hard to find out about which phone company works a bit better on which island as we rarely get any feedbacks. It's confirmed that Smart is somehow working at Saracen. Metfone and Cellcard are not relieable at Saracen and just work at certain locations. No information about Koh Rong and which beach what provider is working. There are dive operators which explained us they got mobile connections up to Koh Tang and Koh Prins, but we still hesitate to believe in this. Koh Rong Samloem's Saracen is around 23km from the mainland, Koh Rong's White Sand around 26km. The mobile connection from the mainland works relieable within a 17km distance from the mainland including even 3G highspeed internet.

Cambodia Islands - Internet

Koh Rong Samloem has no relieable internet connections. Depends on location, Edge is working sometimes over the mobile phone conneciton. 3G is not working at Koh Rong Samloem. Same about Koh Rong. Metfone and Mobitel/Cellcard are part time working what depends on the location on the inner Saracen Bay. Koh Rong's White Sand main beach offers Wi-Fi connections at some resorts. Sok San beach got a 10Mbit internet connection by a fibre cable to the antenna on top. We got no information about other islands but those islands closer to the mainland as Bamboo and Ta Kiev are more likely to have connections. The Cellcard 3G network is working in a radius of around 15km from the mainland what ends about 5 km before Koh Rong Samloem.

Cambodia Islands - Emergencies

Making any accidents on Cambodian islands is rather a bad idea unless the next ferry is going right afterwards. Those making any probably won't appreciate to wait for the next day without any aid. On most islands you will be stuck until the next official ferry is going back to the mainland. You won't find an available emergency speedboat and it's not the way that any helicopter would come to pick you up if it happens. It's as well not the way that any speedboat with a doctor on board is sent from Sihanoukville as most probably would expect. It's still Cambodia. Walking barefoot inside islands jungles would not be a great idea as there are snakes in Cambodia. As well lying for hours unprotected on the sun is highly not recommended as it's likely to cause you a heat stroke during the hottest months April to June. Such mistakes are likely to end fatal that way. Do not expect any equipped first aid rooms with a nurse nor a doctor on an island. In case of an emergency you are usually on your own. Most likely to get help will be at Koh Rong's main beach where always certain boats are docked even at night but the fast catamarans are back at Sihanoukville at night and it's maybe not everyone's dream to get back in case of any emergency on a longtail boat with often 2m waves. A wooden boat back to the mainland is a 2 hours ride ( Koh Rong and Samloem ). In case of an emergency you won't appreciate to be squeezed within a mass of other tourists on one of the powercats or longtailboats. By the way at Koh Rong Samloem even on the inner side telephones are often not even working ( Metfone / Cellcard ) and there is usually no relieable internet Edge connection beside of Koh Rong's main beach to find out how amateurs could help. Anybody got more information about this subject please let us know. To us it looks as the islands got now plenty of facilities attracting loads of people but noone has ever been thinking about and organizing what happens when it happens on an island.

Cambodia Islands - Heat Stroke

Don't underestimate heat. April up to rainy season is the hottest time in Cambodia and often you won't remark dehydration quick enough. When you got signs as dizzyness, profuse sweating, nausea and feel as you fall unconsciousless it's already too late and after such a so called heat exhaustion you will need a couple days to recover from it. Older people and those having children and babys should especially watch out to keep in the shade and hydrated by loads of water when staying outside in the sun. The better way would be anyway to stay in the shade but hard to explain all those sun hungry ones lying for ages unprotected on their sunbeds. If you see someone having a heat stroke then you better run to move those persons to an air conditioned environment and bring them immediately to a hospital if possible and existing :-( Any delay can end fatal. So be careful with sunbathing on islands as when it happens you will feel as you permanently collaspe. The next scheduled boat back to the mainland is a long period to wait then and we are pretty sure about, noone has an emergency speedboat nor any aircon rooms ready to cool those sunbathers down from more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit ( 40.5 degrees Celsius ), which is the body temperature where organs and brain start to damage. Fact as well is that those island resorts have daytime not even a running fan as they mostly start the generators from 6pm. The outside temperature of often more than 34 degrees and water temperatures of more than 30 degrees will not really cool. All what can be done is to find a shower which is hopefully a bit cooler, lay the legs higher, remove any unnecessary clothing, cool them to 101 Fahrenheit ( 38 Celsius ) and hydrate people with isotonic drinks. If you see people having heat strokes, cool and hydrate them as quick as possible and bring them to a hospital immediately afterwards. So lying unprotected in the sun on a Cambodian island can be a very bad mistake and you will wish there would be a boat brining you as quick as possible to a safe airconed place. Any heavy exercise or sun the following weeks after such a heat incident should be avoided.

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