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id: planet.earth
diameter: 12742 km
pop: 7.1 B
area: 510.1 M km2
tempL: -89 C
tempH: 57 C
id: continent.europe
countries: 50
pop: 742 M
area: 10.18 M km2
density: 73/km2
id: sub.europe.central
countries: 9
id: country.switzerland
time: UTC+01:00
GDP: 688 B USD / PC: 84.1 K
capital: Bern
pop:8.2M d:198.9
area: 41.3 K km2
iso: CH CHE 756
prefix: +41
internet: .ch






You remember those stories where you once have seen photos of a hotel and booked a trip. Right afterwards you reached this hotel you found out about it all has been looking perfect on the photos, but they forgot to let you know this hotel was right next to a heavy frequented road.

Being a tourist with an average budget in Switzerland means, you will arrive with a happy face and leave with a very long face. Let me explain you first at all about prices. Hotel prices in Switzeralnd in off season at a touristic venue start with 130 Dollars a night. For this price you will not need to dream about a decent lobby with a fireplace and do not expect having a decent sauna or jacuzzi in your hotel. Your room will look like made by same ones building protestant churches. Basic. The same roon at an average tourism site at high season will cost 200 Dollar a night and when you calculate all this you will find out you will spend for a 2 week Switzerland trip 3000 Dollar for just your room letting you make daily a long face. Often they even forget about to give you a decent flat screen TV, often they forget to give you something more on TV channels than average German advertisment channels for dumb people and the Swiss often got not even the idea a tourist sometimes would appreciate a set o f TV channels in his own language, at least in English. Then you might often ask yourself about why those hotels are mounting their TV on a ceiling where it is getting often really heavy to have a convenient feeling with watching from an impossible angle to a too small TV too far away. And this story is just about TVs.

Now you can read on other pages about Switzerland style. It feels like in a protestant church once again. You easily can life in Switzlerand for several years and you will not even know the name of your neighbour. Some houswifes will of course know the name of yours and even without ever talking once to you they will kill your life with evil chats until you fall depressed in your lonely little space created for you. Now do you think you will make it work to get access to Swiss people within a 2 weeks trip, when others need to work several years on it to get in touch with citicens of this nation. The Swiss have enough of foreigners. The hate them, even they would never commmit those feelings. Eversince 40 years this nation has been flooded by economists with 2 million forigners on a population of 6 millionn Swiss people, what is just too much and brought too many things out of control.

Sometimes you ask yourself about, why you as as Swiss will never get in touch with Portuguese people, you will find out you no way will ever get in touch with all those Albanian people. Now what would be the reason for a Swiss to get in touch with a Chinese guy or one of those Burkagirls from Saudi Arabia. The Swiss hate those Arabs. They do not like them. We all know in Switzerland Saudi Arabia has instigated together with Turkey those proxy wars in Syria. We all know about the Saudi stone, discriminate and oppress their women. The Saudis are the last ones likkely any Swiss citicen wnts to get in touch with.. The same story with the Chinese guys, which always give you the feeling they just came to watch first what they later on want to overtake. We know in Switzerland about this unlimited landgrabbings in Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia by Chinese lead companies. We know about exploiting working conditions in China, so who would make a friendly face and welcome those guys when having no financial reason for it.

But now you must know about, when it is about money in Switzerland. That is the point where Swiss people start to make a slimy face and lick asses. The only reason fro such friendly faces to Saudis is money. But maybe those Saudis now heard about, those Swiss making no money out of those black Saudi burka ghosts, want to get rid of this crowd in Switzerland with new laws prohibiting women to wear those top to feet covering dresses. Maybe for security reason as a hidden terrorist could hide behind those black suits, no. It is just because of Swiss people never really liked those Arabs from Saudi Arabia. They can come and buy their Rolex watches and shop in any luxury boutiques and fuck off right afterwards.

Well, to mention all this might be a bit brutal, right. Straight out with such words, of course. But you always can write a story in a way you advertise to attract someone or you write a story the way to expel and get rid of someone. Or you write just the truth. And the story about the truth always differs from place to place and you must find out yourself.

Now going for your 2 weeks trip through Switzerland you will get used to it no one is ever talkinng to you. But dont worry, for us Swiss people it is the same. Nobody in Switzerland is talking to each other. The Swiss are world champions in bullying each other to death. And with all this they even make a friendly face. But what would you expect from a nation of people where nearly everyone will never have an option to own a home. Having real estate prices making sure no one must ever have a dream again in life to have a nice warm home. Then the Swiss see all those foreigners flooding the nation for the quick money. The country got overflooded once again by a crowd of hookers trying to make the quick Dollars. And alltogether since decades everyone in this nation has just been thinking about how to make money as quick and easy as possible without working.

Well, that does not mean the Swiss are not working. The Swiss work their asses off day by day. For nothing. End of the month most of them are flat on their bank accounts. And this is exactly the situation about why the Swiss are pissed. And in a nation where people have no home, pay monthly off 3000 Dollar rental appartments which all are owned by insurance companies, hate is coming up. And this hate is always about foreigners, always against those coming to exploit something. Sometimes Swiss people see those hookers from Romania and hungary which are with an age of 20 years making a quick fortune and already build their own homes in their nations in young ages, but the Swiss work their ass off a lifetime and do never achieve to have a home, more than a rental one giving them a sterile, cold and unhappy feeling. The Swiss are just meant to work and die right afterwards. You can reduce it to those basics.

There is not exactly a hate against foreigners, the Swiss just do not like them. And now your trip starts through this nation. What would you want to see. You wanted to see some of those populaar gray concrete bunkerstyle buildings. We got many of them and you will see them around every corner. And you might ask yourself, are there any happy people living in those uncharming, ugly, militarystyle buildings living. And the answer is, fuck yeah, there are Swiss people living in those buildings. Nearly 80% of Swiss people live in such shoeboxes once quick built for cheap labour foreign workers. So of course as well most of the foreign workers are living in those ugly facilities next to the roads. Except of Albanians. The Albanian mafia members you will find out about are driving quite decent BMW cars and can affrod their own decent homes. But being in trade with young girls for Swiss style prosttution and Heroin trade is another story of this nice group having overtaken the region of Zurich. In Geneva you will find out about it is the Nigerians in domination being in Cocain trade.

Now this are likely the cities you wanted to see, right. Zurich and Geneva. Or did you plan to make a visit at Basels chemical industry site to see more gray color tones and masses of concrete?

Zurich and Geneva are the capital of super commerce. The capitals of banks and managers under pressure. And once you maybe found out about yourself, what managers under pressure are ddoing to keep alive and powerful is called drugs. Cocaine. You measure it in the wastewater and find out, Zurich has the highest density of Cocaine addicts. Cocaine is making selfish and arrogant, what gives you one explanation when you stumble upon unfriendly and arrogant Swiss people. Most Swiss are trying to make a nice face and will say a friendly Grüezi. But that will be all of the story as nearly everyone of them is under heavy pressure on his job.

So, dont expect the warm welcome in Zurich you wanted to have. It will not be anything more than the word 'Grüetzi' for you. Or did you dream about you are getting in touch with Swiss people and invited to their private homes? You can wait 1000 years for this moment, it will never happen as long you are not the ultimate pretty foreign girl with big tits. With the overflood of hookers around Zurich, the Swiss likely wont even see you anymore even you are the prettiest tourist.

Now one reason for a visit in Switzerland is mountains. Well, they got the same mountains on another side of the range in Italy and Austria. At Austria Swiss border the range is called Silvrettta, on another side of Switzerland Davos is the famous Ischgl. But the difference when travelling in Austria, you feel there is often a bit more honest friendlyness, same in Italy. You can call the Swiss some of the most arrogant and selfish people on earth. But recently they started to find out about what all this meant for tourism, as nearly no one wanted to visit this nation anymore. You get around in event hose mountains. You got this incredible landscape anymore in our mountains here. But anywhere you go, you will ask yourself. How have those Swiss ever been able to make such an ugly, idealess construction all over the country. Even it was not enought with all those concrete catastrophy buildings, they never even had the idea to give it at least a funky paint and painted it mostly all in gray.

Now you got a nation with freezing people, a nation where nearly everything is built in a way it could not have been built any uglier in last 40 years, you got this tourism nation you will spend hell of a load of money for being not entertained. For giving you a freezing feeling you will get ripped off. So plan about 50000 Dollar for a 2 week stay in Switzerland and do not make the mistake to come alone. You will come alone and you will be alone, every single day, every single hour. No one other than any other foreigner tourists would ever talk to you here. So bring your pretty wife and your kids, there is no single reason for a stay in Switzerland when coming alone. There is nearly zero entertainment for you. Switzerland is some of the most boring thing you will ever dare to imagine. There is usually no nightlife, no decent bar available and often you even have a bar they even forget about to play music to safe Suisa music licence fees. Then you got all those ugly tourism places like Davos, Arosa and so many others. You will ask yourself in Davos once again, how was it possible to have made such ugly buildings. And why was it then after knowing it all for ages important to make an Intercontinental hotel construction giving you once again a very freezing feeling. Or did you dream about those Swiss chalet style hotels. Those hotels you have seen from advertisments in China. Swiss chalets? To disappoint you once again, those chalets alll have been sold to rich foreigners within last 20 years. Those foreigners had tax headaches in Germany and flooded Switzerland with money. We are talking about Billion dollar amounts, so the amount for the chalet sold for 3 million Dollar was rather not important when saving 50 million Dollar tax with having a letterbox in Switzerland. Those nice chalets are standing mostly empty and its owners themselves found out about how boring it is in Switzelrand and prefer other venues to celebrate around earth. Many of them, especially in the region of Lugano and Zug are Russians, in wintertime they meet in Ischgl, summertime it is Ibiza.

To bring it to a point with you as tourist. You bring your wife, you do not expect any nightlife or entertainment, you will be fine. You are coming alone, you will hate Switzerland as long you are not one of those just thinking about to climb all 4k mountains. Now which place should you choose and visit. There are actually few places to visit having not an ugly road going through. So as long the roads should not be your main attraction, you should not even visit St. Moritz. Up in the Engadin region you always hear about it is just one hotel what everyone is talking about, Badrutt Palace. So the place to visits in Switzerland is Zermatt in the mountains. You right next to it got Saas Fee which is having the highest concentration on 4k mountains around. 18 of the 20 highest mountains in Switzerland concentrate around those 2 villages. Sass Fee outisde the tourism season is dead. Nearly ghost town style, what gives you just one option and this is called Zermatt. And in Zermatt you will find out about, it is not any Swiss people what is giving this town its charm. It is a flood of a sort of world natives landed once here to give it its unique ambiance.

When your trip is about just landscape and you needed not to be entertained you will be fine with spending 5000 Dollar for your 2 weeks stay. But maybe you should not calculate too short and rather prefer to take any hotels in the 300 Dollar class giving you at least a decent lobby with a warm feeling to socialize and exchange with someone else. Everyrhing below the 200 Dollar class of hotels will just guarantee you, you will be in isolation in a room without any special offers in this house. Jsut to compare now once again some hotels in Austria and what you get for your money when spending 250 Dollar a night You will get a paradise hotel with 4 restaurants, 5 whirlpools, 3 saunas, 2 Swimming pools and you never will be alone in this hotel as they will entertain you. An example is Libes Rot Flüh or Madleine in Ischgl. Do not even dare to dream about such hotels in Switzerland. Even you would spend 500 Dollar for it, they are non existing. In the decades when Swiss people have been thinking about doing ugly things with concrete and making the quick money, the Austrians did it a bit slower but built in the meantime the best wellness hotels around earth. Well, i must mention to once be fair to the Swiss, in the meantime those Austrians found out about money. Even they just have a monthly income of 1500 Euros they make hotel room prices which often go to 500 Dollar a night. But at least then you get something decent and no excuses as it is in Switzelrand. Sorry, we have no sauna. Sorry, we have no big TV for you. Sorry we have not this, we have not that. When spending 200-500 bucks in Austria for a hotel you get it all. Well, you must know in the last 20 years all Swiss have been themselves running over to Ischgls tourism resorts as St. Anton, Ischgl, Lech etc. As for 10 Euros over there you got a decent meal in a restaurant where you easily spend 50 bucks in Switzerland instead. It was just ways cheaper in Austria and all such young people cannot afford 200 Dollar hotel rooms have been the ones making Austrias places work. There would be no Ischgl without the Swiss snowboarders bringing Günther Alois's plan to work once. In the meantime the old papa oligarch Russians overtook Ischgl and such oligarchs dealing with Billion Dollar amounts can afford 500 Dollar hotel rooms at Madleine.

The good news in Switzerland as no tourists have been coming anymore to see those cold naked ugly concrete nightmares, the prices dumped and you will in the meatime get a room close to 100 Dollars when you are lucky. 15 years ago before Austria came really up, should should not even having dared about a hotel in Switzerland for less than 200 bucks a night and even though heard just excuses what everything did not work.

So forget about nightlife in Switzeralnd. It is boring like hell. Swiss pepole are working to pay off their 3000 Dollar rental apartments monthly. You can imagine a Swiss family with 2 kids will already pay about 1000 Dollar a month for healthcare insurances. Swiss people need to bring in at least 8000 Dollar to monthly stay alive and not to go down. So, no funny things, no nightlife, no happy stories. It is work in Switzelrand. Heavy, hard work. Swiss have no time to entertain people, they did never learn about to play any instruments as piano or guitar at schools. All what Swiss peopla are in the meantime is a bunch of a 2 million jerks sitting at an office of any company to administrte themselves to death. Do not expect any creative idea, any creative things. The Swiss are like robots will remember you those gray buildings you see on every corner.

Now, some Swiss people reading this story likely now will say this is not true. And of course this all is not true for about 20 of people in Switzerland. Those few lucky ones born into a family having a plot of land and is able to give their children a decent home will not agre with this story. But the exact same people are that blind not to see the entire rest.

Expect to see gorgeous nature in Switzerland. This must be the reason for your trip here, nothing else. Forget about the hotels, forget about restaurants, there is nothing would give me enoguh reason to advertise with as long those Swiss not once make a bit more creative homework with all. We have a guy in Switzerland is working his ass off to help those restaurant owners to get out of this misery of idealess Swiss lifes. His name is Damiel Bumann, and his own restaurant in La Punt Chamues is likely the only one in this nation you really should visit. Yes, in the meantime some reastaurants are thanks of Daniel now existing giving you a bit ambiance and some hotel owners started to think as well if it is still the ultimate to give a toursit a room letting him freeze like in a buldiing for funerals.

You got with Engain some of the most stunning landscape in Europe on nearly 2000 meter elevation. You got with Ascona in Ticino some of the most stunning place on a lake. You got with Zermatt some of the most stunning site right below a popular moountain. You got a region called Berner Oberland which is just gorgeous. You got about 250 SAC mountain huts in Swittzerland between your trekkng trails up and down the mountains. You got all sort of climber facilities on certain tourism venues. You got toboggan races for kids at many places. Everything is made for families in this nation. They entirely forgot about single people, but for familiies they have done everything. So bring a load of money, your family and an interest in nature and you will leave with a happy feeling. You come alone and wanted to find a friendly and pretty Swiss girl talking with you at nights, you will be the most disappointed person on earth. Switerland is likely to be the most boring and cold blooded nation on this planet. Do not expect any warm feelings here.

Basicly to understand about Swiss people, they were never told something else than to be a machine in life. It already starts in young ages at schools where all those kids learn about the very unnecessary thing in life but never about things would increase their creativity. Another point, the afterwar generation now still alive and in power of all is a hardliner generation squeezing and pressing the last out of everyone and has been concentrating on as very very unimpoortant things. So it is likely the most important thing to have a whole nation with clean perfect streets, absolute rectangular being, but it all goes far away from what finally would give humans a warm feeling. It was in past alwaysw just important everything was very perfect, no matter how ugly it looked.

But basicly to understand about tourists travelling in the world, they are alone. They have fears, they are all looking soomewhere for something warm. As after a long trip, there will be nothing more disappointing than to end up alone in a sterile hotel having no facilities for people to socialize a bit and to get in touch with each other. But this seem to be the very basics most Swiss in tourism business never really understood about.

Now you will ask yourself about when reading this quite ugly story, what will be the reason for this guy to write something like this. As you can imagine, this story over 1 year in internet will likely be a Billion Dollar damage to the tourism industry.

But with Swiss people, you can try to explain. They would not believe certain thing how a tourist feels aline in the world. Sometimes then you will try to shout it a bit louder, but there is a point nobody wants to wake up, you will shout the whole thing as loud as possible. As if they proceed to let those insurance companies having an American style tradition of exploiting whatever they can exploit, they will bring a 100 Billion Dollar damage or even far more. There must be kind of an awareness over a wide public to make things go into a better direction and maybe once then some of those politicians in this nation will once start and concentrate on things a bit more important than always just thinking about money and economy and how to make those jerks even bigger profits. As once there will be a point very soon in htis nation where the whole bubble will crash. The tourism industry in Switzerland crashed long time ago. And even the Austrians showed how it worked with pretty and charming hotels giving people a warm feeling, the Swiss wanted not to wake up and proceeded to destroy their tourism venues with one after another ugly concrete structure. You could say, they will need an emergency plan to bring this whole thing to work again as poeple are just running away that way. Sometimes you ask yourself about, how fucking silly and stupid those architects educated in Switzerlands most popular school ETH must be to make such ugly construction works. But then you ask an architect of this schoôl, and he will explain about, this is what they are teaaching at ETH. Build it as naked as possible and use as much concrete as it is just the cheapest to use. Visible concrete costs 30% less than when something is done with wood.

There is nothing againat making something with concrete, but with certain ideas together with using other materials you can even in modern times make something stunning looking. The ideas about it have not even to be invented, as they just could Google a couple picutres of the best and make a copy paste job. Well, thanks god a couple tourism venue in Switzerland recognized about such things. There are of course nice things, but basicly no matter how nice you do something, your work will be worthless if having an ugly right in front of a hotel. That is why Ischgl is attracting such a flood of pople in Austria. The skiresort of Silvrettta Ischgl is nothing really special, the venue itself of Ischgl is down in a shady valley. There would be places in Switzerland could easily compete with such places in Ischgl, the problem is just about, the Swiss have no clue, no idea and are no teamplayers whay. Everyone is qworking against everyone and they never make it to bring up in a collective a problem job. Everyone has been thinking in past just about his own little garden, fighting against all neighbours over whatever and destroying those which would have had an idea how to bring up something glorious. It is more than time in this country to retire this entire crowd of afterwar generation, which is just always thinking about they are the best but not recognizing they were amongst the worst. They have brought this nation a quick profit with letting all those companies do their will, but over a long period likely several generations will suffer from it when having to correct all done mistakes.

As an example you got the skiresort of Flims. Flims connected with Laax is just such a stunning venue. But the ugly road leading through this whole town has destroyed any ambiance. They built a shortcut road around this town, leading traffic on another side of Surselva. But still they got it not work even having this road for more than 10 years now to get this place car free with walking zones and electro mobile as they have them in Zermatt since 25 years. This old crowd of old papa style jerks were just not able to make it once work with it. So forget about Flims. There is no single reason to get there. They built an ugly naked concrete cube on the base station of Laax for the snowboarders where you ask yourself once again about how was it possible to build this something in such a sterile way. And it is hard to believe those 20 years old snowboarder do really like this. If you gave them the choice for same price to checkin a hotel built by someone which really understood about what humans like, they would. They would check into Madlein hotel in Ischgl if they could, pretty sure. Now how hard is it really to bring up a little lobby in a hotel having a couple nice cozy sofas and a fireplace to warm up souls? how hard is it to get a couple decorative elements and make with a couple little changes just something stunning. When you watched Daniel Bumann on TV, he just ame to an ugly, idealess reastaurant and changed it with a good hand and a couple additional Dollars into something stunning. But most people in Switzerland are not able to bring up something more than what is built next to an ugly road, letting people watch down to a car park and gives them a frustration feeling. That is the way by the time how at least 6 million Swiss people are living like and in tourism they did it not really much better. You sometimes go no clue about why they not built a village 300 meters away from the road and made a big car park on entrance to keep an ambiance. But still in 2016 all new construction you see are just built right next to the roads. Wonder why those Swiss are able to build buldings right below high power grid lines, on entrance of highways, but letting the decent spots to the cows, which likely would not care much about being a couple hours instead on the land next to a road with just flipping the land. But yell this stupidity as loud and as hard as possbile into Switzerlands head, they would even smile about, even you could cry when knowing about it. And nothing would change.

But do you know what will change the whole thing. Money. when money is not coming in floods anymore, people will start to be creative. They will once start to organize something charming by themselves insstead of just hiring a foreign company from Poland with cheap workers doing a quick job for this nation. This is what it is about. No one really got an interst in doing something special. As the facilities are not really owned by the operators, mostly they got no single raason to bring up something better. And everyon having something unique in psosession is just trying to rent it out for overpriced values.

It does not really matter where it is on earth. But in Switzerland you just see best what catastrophy quick money can cause. And in the last 50 yeras since the 70s economic boom, nearly everything here was just about quick, idealess and money.

So, sorry to all those tourists watching those charming chalets. This nation likely needs once to wake up first, clean up a cuople structures and maybe once then be back with something better than this to offer for tourists. As just sending lies to China with pictures of non existing chalets is by far not enough.

Now i will send once the real pictures to those Chinese guys on another side and ask them once they find out about reality what they think about. It will not take more than 1 mintues to Google a couple pictures to see those realities, even most smart photographers on such tourism spots and their managers try everything to wipe those ugly structures away from their pictures on websites and in thei catalogues.

That is the point about and the why everyone coming to Switzerland finally ends up in Zermatt. It is just one of the only places to go. Forget about everyone of those tourism resorts in the Grissons Graubünden thickhead mountains. Those mountaineers mostly made it not yet work. No matter if Flims, Arosa, Davos and even Sankt Moritz is just an ugly town right behind a heavy traffic road where most attractions are just the cars on those streets insdie the town. Even they have the richest people coming in St. Moritz, they never made it work to get those cars out of town. But Saas Fee and Zermatt understood what it is about. That is the reason about why everyone is running there. It is just by far the best and only venue in Switzerland to go in mountains.

There are a couple other places, but come on, you want not to be bored to death. You want to stumble over to a bar with a live band as tourist and get entertained. One more point in Switzerland. The Chinese peopele are not tahat much party freaks and most families wont really care about. But they forget about there are other people which do like such things. There must be a reason why Ischgl got such a success story all over Europe. And likely one of the few men who understood about what tourists really like is the guy having made those things going into the right way on beginning. His name is Günther Alois, the papa of Ischgl with the ideas attracting the crowds. Wish there where more people like this and you would have once then maybe kind of exciting holidays in Switerland instead of finding nearly everywhere just what they forgot about to do for you. When you get ripped off as a tourist with 500 bucks a day you spend, you at least deserve the best for your money, right?

So, maybe kicking Swiss asses now once as hard as possible will maybe bring thosef politicians and super mamangers once together and lets them think about if they were that smart in past or if they just thought they were.

Wish you a good trip in Switzerland and hope you will find those rare better things than this worst case scenario i tried to describe here. Maybe it will help some, when once a guy explains about it which has been living in hotels for 10 years around earth.

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